Earth’s atmosphere has shrunk to a fraction of its original girth, leaving the sun’s cancerous rays to scorch the little life on the planet’s parched surface. A small number of humans have survived the last hundred years by fortifying the arable land closest to the melted South Pole. There remain some haggard nomads, those refused entrance to the struggling fields, who must spend their days outrunning the yearly orbit that brings death with spring. They flee the seasons, and hide from that feared part of the day when Earth grudgingly turns her face to the infernal light-giver. High noon. To expose feeble human skin at The Noon is to embrace a fiery death. Who, then, are these who have survived the eternal chase, who scavenge the fallen cities and the dried fields, who traverse the boiling oceans and evade the feral beasts on land? They are The Sun-Runners.